Auto Accidents

No one ever expects to get into an auto accident, but when it happens it can really turn a life upside down. It can be hard to know what to do. The first priority is taking care of any immediate medical needs of anyone involved, but soon after it is wise to contact Tampa Auto Accidents Attorneys, Denoncourt & Warenyk, P.A. in order help navigate you through your rights.

Making Sense of Florida’s No-Fault Policy

When it comes to accidents, Florida is considered a No Fault state. Under this policy a person’s own auto insurance is supposed to take care of the cost of injuries to themselves and their vehicle. However, exceptions do exist when injuries are permanent or cause scarring or disfigurement.At times it may be obvious that there will be long standing troubles after an accident, and other times the answer to those questions can take more time to figure out.

If an accident is severe enough, and is mostly the other driver’s fault, you may be able to gain compensation from that person or their insurance company. But even if injuries are temporary, attorneys Denoncourt & Warenyk, P.A. are ready to investigate what happened at the scene of the accident, and can help make sure your own insurance company is offering the settlement amount you need.

Florida law puts a four year statute of limitations on auto accident cases, so whether you suspect there is a permanent injury right away, or notice you are still having troubles a year later, talking to Tampa Auto Accidents Attorneys can help you get a fair amount.

Working for the Underdog

Denoncourt & Warenyk, P.A. is a firm led by attorneys Heath A. Denoncourt and Amy E. Warenyk. Both attorneys have several years of experience in larger firms before forming their own firm, and Mr. Denoncourt had a previous career as a financial advisor leaving him well equipped to look at the financial side of many legal situations, including the cost of auto accident injuries and their long term implications. He’s worked on cases involving various types of personal injury beyond auto accidents including nursing home abuse, malpractice, and stockbroker misconduct.

Mrs. Warenyk achieved a high level of success both in undergraduate and law school, earning high honors and spent time studying in Geneva, Switzerland focusing on International Human Rights and Global Trade. While practicing in Florida, her experience has diversified further to include areas such as criminal law, family law, insurance claims, domestic relations, and personal injuries.

Regardless of how your injuries look after an auto accident, it is good to know where you stand, and have the details and circumstances of the accident well documented. If you suspect your case may qualify for an exception to the No-Fault law, or you’re just looking to make sure your own insurance company is paying an appropriate settlement contact Denoncourt & Warenyk, P.A. for a consultation.