Foreclosure FAQ

Fight Foreclosure and Protect Your Rights. Your bank will hire an experienced foreclosure attorney, shouldn’t you?

Few events are as devastating to a family as the loss of the family home to foreclosure. However, under Federal and Florida laws there are ways you can stop or delay foreclosure of your home. You may have defenses to foreclosure that will allow you to delay foreclosure and gain negotiating power with your lender or even stop foreclosure altogether.

If you are having debt problems, facing foreclosure or have received a summons, Contact the law firm of Denoncourt & Warenyk for a free consultation to discuss your rights.

IMPORTANT – If you have been served with a complaint for foreclosure you must act immediately. Under Florida law your response to a foreclosure complaint must be filed within twenty (20) days. Failure to timely respond may result in the waiver of your defenses.